A helping hand...


Viewings are vital in the sales process. It’s well worth spending a little time before each viewing in order to showcase your property in the best possible light.


Fresh air. Nobody likes a stuffy house!! If you have time, and it isn’t too cold outside, open the windows an hour before the viewing. Close them again around five minutes before the appointment.

The right temperature. This is vital and is often overlooked. If the property is too cold it becomes uninviting. In the winter make sure the heating is on in ALL the rooms but remember don’t overdo it – a hot house makes prospective purchasers feel uncomfortable and usually they can’t wait to get out! Lit fireplaces are instantly appealing.

The right lighting. Most people don’t sit in a house with every light switched on however, when it comes to viewings, it is well worth turning on all the lights, especially in the winter. Artificial lighting is actually very warm and inviting and works wonders at showcasing a property to its full potential. Obviously, this isn’t necessary in the height of summer but always check each room before a viewing to make sure it is warm and inviting.

First impressions. Most purchasers assess the house before they even walk through the door. Make sure there are no black sacks or bins lying around! If you have several vehicles on the driveway or road then it’s advisable to move all but one of them so the potential buyer can see the size of the driveway clearly. If the viewing is at night make sure any outside lights are turned on.

The right smells or lack of them! We appreciate that hectic family life has to go on but whenever possible try to put off cooking until after viewings. And, in spite of popular belief it is not really advisable to bake bread or have a freshly prepared pot of coffee on the table! It sounds crazy but prospective purchasers are put off by sellers trying too hard! However, the faint residual scent of furniture polish can be appealing!

De-clutter. Prior to the viewing it is definitely worth spending a few moments in each room clearing any unnecessary objects. Things to look out for include: surface clutter in the kitchen and on the dining table; shoes; toys; post; stacks of paperwork; piles of ironing etc. Remember to get the balance right though, if you clear too much purchasers will think no one lives there!


We like to accompany every viewing but if you’d prefer to do the viewing yourself then we would offer the following advice:

Reduce any noise. When prospective purchasers arrive at the house turn the volume down on the television and the radio.

Unwanted guests? Remember, not all people are dog lovers! If possible try taking your dog out for a walk or, if that’s not possible, then put him in the garden during the viewing.

Fancy a cuppa? If you feel comfortable with the prospective buyers, why not ask them if they would like a cup of tea or coffee? Interested parties will usually want to spend a bit more time in the house and may have questions they would like to ask.